The Reason For The Damage Is Generally Used In The Use Of Dual Axis Slewing Drive

- Jul 06, 2017 -

The reason for the damage is generally used in the use of Dual Axis Slewing Drive

Biaxial rotation drive is more frequently used in machinery, its service life also relates to the service life of the machinery, so in the process of use if you can know why biaxial rotation drive will have damage, so this situation can be effectively avoided, full let two-axis rotary drive and mechanical life longer.

Two-axis rotary drive compact structure, convenient installation and easy maintenance of large bearings, usually on large cranes, excavators and other large equipment applied to more, but, in many cases, is inevitably biaxial rotation drive for because of the change of the external environment also appear all kinds of damage, so find the twin screw rotation drive because what reason lead to damage to pay attention to these aspects in the use of in the future, make the service life of the twin screw rotation drive longer.

Reason 1, Dual Axis Slewing Drive surface metal peeling;

A double shaft turning drive is likely to be exacerbated by the stress of the load. Of course, the double - axis rotary drive installation improper, the axis to bend, also all will appear the raceway flaking phenomenon. The fatigue spalling of the bearing roller will reduce the operation precision of the shaft and cause the vibration and noise of the mechanism.

The reasons for the two - axis rotary drive are broken: the lubrication is insufficient, the rolling body is broken, the seat ring is crooked.

3. The metal adhesion of the two-axis rotary drive holding frame is attached to the rolling body: the possible reason is that the rolling body is stuck in the cage or the lubrication is insufficient.

Cause 4. Serious wear of the seat ring: it may be a foreign body in the seat ring, insufficient lubricating oil or lubricating oil number.

Biaxial rotation drive, in general, there are more than several common injury reasons, if everyone in the twin screw rotation drive use if similar case, believe that through the accurate analysis of the reason, will be able to find solutions as soon as possible, minimize the loss.

I. methods for controlling the sound of dust:

Reverse branch there are dust and other foreign bodies, there will be no periodic vibration, dust ring, dust ring the size of the vibration and noise, and sometimes there are sometimes not.

Dust control sound this way: for biaxial rotation drive way to clean/wheel bearing to improve, the bearing before installation, hole, shaft and some matching parts strictly all washed clean; The sealing of the bearing is improved by removing the foreign material in the lubricant. Prevent the use of materials that are not pure or have some foreign material in the plastic.

Ii. Dual Axis Slewing Drive Methods to control the sound of scars:

Biaxial driven rotary rolling if appear the crack appearance, indentation, or rust, it will appear like rivet periodic noise and vibration, Dual Axis Slewing Drive and its cycle is likely to become a certain fixed no change but most and rotational speed of the corresponding relationship, scars would occur on the channel of continuous, scars on the steel ball can sometimes appear sometimes don't appear, and this one noise as the installation and the lubrication condition and can have certain changes.

The method of control for the noise of scar noise: when the bearings are installed, the bearings and shafts are assembled before they are assembled into the shaft seat to avoid the bearings. Dual Axis Slewing Drive Avoid impact vibration when stock is in stock and avoid bearing rust and transport; Use a high viscosity grease.

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