Slewing Bearing Are Regularly Checked And Maintained

- Oct 18, 2017 -

Slewing Bearing are regularly checked and maintained
Slewing Bearing manufacturers adhering to the "customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit of" the purpose of the courage to face, the courage to forge ahead, humbly learn, continue to develop and innovate the spirit of style, is willing to provide more customers with first-class products and satisfactory service , In order to achieve mutually beneficial win-win and common development. The following Slewing Bearing manufacturers to tell you about the rotation bearing regular inspection and maintenance:
For the first time using Slewing Bearing for 100 working hours, check the torque of the slewing bearing bolts. If the Slewing Bearing has more than 10% of the bolts loose, the first 200 hours of work and then check again.
After every 500 working hours to check the Slewing Bearing once; harsh conditions to shorten the inspection interval. If the Slewing Bearing is loosened to less than 80% of the specified torque after two hours of continuous operation of the Slewing Bearing equipment, the bolt and the two adjacent bolts shall be renewed.
If it is found that 20% of the slewing bearings are loosened to less than 80% of the specified torque, all bolts are to be renewed. Equipment accumulated work 14000 hours, all the bolts have to change the new. For equipment with high or continuous rotation or frequent operation, add oil once every 100 working hours. In the case of poor conditions to further shorten the time interval of filling grease.
Major industry professionals in the use of Slewing Bearing, the first most lament is the use of its effect, that for this point that the rotation of the bearing of the relevant field operators are very understanding, because the Slewing Bearing in large quantities put into use , First of all as the builder of our most attention to the rotation bearing related maintenance matters, after all, these aspects are effective to determine whether the normal use of Slewing Bearing safety factors, Slewing Bearing technical staff to remind you if we do not pay attention to it, then it is bound to Will seriously affect the safety performance of each user.
1, the new product is not flexible idling. Please check the date of production of Slewing Bearing, if the time is longer (such as more than half a year), the climate is colder, it is possible to mix the salt mist and other impurities in the raceway resulting in the operation is not working (cold areas, winter is more prominent). Exclusion method: after the force if the operation and no other abnormal can be used normally.
2, after installation is not flexible. May be installed for the host and the Slewing Bearing mounting surface with the poor, resulting in the installation of the axial clearance of the Slewing Bearing can not compensate for the deformation of the Slewing Bearing, slewing bearings in a negative gap state, the rolling body in the raceway difficult (sometimes accompanied by different Sound); or the size of the gear meshing bad; or the size of the gear inside the card with foreign body. Remediation: re-processing the host installation plane, so that the installation plane to meet the requirements; re-adjust the size of the gear as required to engage the backlash, in particular, pay attention to the maximum position of the gear beating; check to ensure that the size of the gear meshing position without foreign body; Bearing.
3, the use of the process is not flexible. Seal damage, resulting in foreign body into the raceway (such as the use of poor conditions, the roller immersed in dust, etc.); check the size of the gear meshing, with or without foreign body teeth.
Slewing Bearing in the field to be sold, the first quality of this aspect of the check is important, so now the relevant professional professionals in the Slewing Bearing quality testing in this regard the details of the attention is also very Attention, and thus effectively ensure that the Slewing Bearing trouble-free operation of the security phenomenon.

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