Reason And Solution Of Slewing Gear

- Aug 16, 2017 -

Reason and solution of Slewing Gear
For mechanical products, the Slewing Gear is an indispensable part, but sometimes we will find it will appear inflexible situation, if not flexible, then when used there will be a lot of trouble, and there is no way very good To work today, for everyone to share the Slewing Gear appears stuck or movement is not flexible reasons and solutions.
1, Slewing Gear gear deformation or broken teeth caused by stuck or movement is not flexible. The corresponding solution: repair gear, re-welding gear.
2, Slewing Gear sealing system problems, this will cause access to debris, such as stones, sand, etc. caused by stuck or movement is not sensitive. The corresponding solution: all the debris clean up.
3, overload operation, resulting in Slewing Gear movement is not flexible. The corresponding solution: the need to reduce the workload of the work.
4, Slewing Gear position is not flat. The corresponding solution: the need to replace the platform position, work in a flat position.
5, the lack of lubricating gear gear situation, grease caused by increased friction, resistance becomes larger, it will cause the movement is not sensitive. The corresponding solution: add the same specifications of the lubricating oil or all the replacement of lubricants.
Know the Slewing Gears appear inflexible reasons and solutions, the future encounter this situation, we do not need to worry about. For the user in addition to the need to know this knowledge, but also need to understand the use of Slewing Gear precautions and related maintenance methods.
 Slewing Gear is an important transmission parts, to achieve the relative rotary motion, in the course of the operation need to bear a wide range of forces, with the current wide use of various machinery and equipment, Slewing Gear is an indispensable accessories in the equipment, extensive Used in various types of construction machinery, medical machinery and equipment, industrial equipment, has been highly recognized. Light Series Turntable Bearing External Gear Type Light Series Turntable Bearing External Gear Type Lubricating oil is an indispensable product during the operation of the Slewing Gear. It can achieve the lubrication effect between multiple parts and reduce the friction between objects. Equipment, the process of running parts of the wear and tear, it is best to stop the operation of the equipment, do a detailed check, this can enhance the operation of the entire mechanical equipment. The same time as
In order to enhance the life of the Slewing Gears in machinery, it is generally best to keep away from corrosive products for corrosion of the product, but also to do the support of the anti-rust measures, generally do a good job on the product surface cleaning work, the use of cleaner cleaning The effect is better, while maintaining the surface of the product dry, pay attention to the application of anti-rust oil, if encountered special circumstances you can choose to use rust-proof grease. In fact, the Slewing Gear is a very fine product, when not in use is best not to hand touch, to avoid corrosion caused by the support.
Slewing Gear is an indispensable part of the construction machinery, the machine has a Slewing Gear can better drive the operation of the site to reduce the wear between the machines. In order to better improve the life of the Slewing Gear, to the timely rotation of the gear to add grease to reduce wear and improve life. So, how about the gears?
Xuzhou Orson Slewing Gears: When adding grease to the Slewing Gear, in the raceway filling, in the Slewing Gear outer wall position or surface position with oil holes or grease nipples, with grease gun grease. Winter when adding oil to the Slewing Gear to add 2 # lithium-based grease, summer 3 # lithium-based grease. In the addition of fat, the production of the general filling a small amount of lubricating oil, the site must be filled with running oil.
At the same time Slewing Gear in the filling grease, the gear filling grease, the whole circle of teeth are required to fill. The Slewing Gears of the main unit need to be filled with grease once every 100 hours of operation, which can effectively reduce the wear between the Slewing Gears and improve the service life of the Slewing Gears.

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