Investment In Gear

- Dec 09, 2016 -

Gears and gear products is the basis of machinery and equipment, most of the equipment's main components are gears. With the rapid development of the national economy, industry-wide annual sales volume has exceeded billion, forms co-existence and common development of the enterprise landscape. Among them, leading enterprises and backbone enterprises has become a management level, the level of technical quality of the products and an important force in promoting independent innovation capacity, construction of gear manufacturing in China from becoming gears manufactured powerhouse have made outstanding contributions.

According to (China gear industry transformation and upgrading of production and sales demand forecasting and analysis reports) show China gear industry "Eleven-Five" during the rapid development of 2005-2010 gear industry in China's industrial output increased year by year, and growth over 20%. 2010 gear industry as a whole and its industrial output value of 94.635 billion yuan, gear industry-wide market demands more than 140 billion yuan, ranking second in the world. Judging from various factors such as size and sales, gear industries has become the China General machine components fields of infrastructure "leader" class. China has become a veritable gear manufacturing power in the world.

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