How To Guarantee The Stability Of Single Axis Slewing Drive?

- Jul 06, 2017 -

How to guarantee the stability of Single Axis Slewing Drive?

Single Axis Slewing Drive is a large Single Axis Slewing Drive which is more commonly used in some large engineering machines, such as crane. It is also very important to carry weight, which is a very important part of mechanical function, and the Single Axis Slewing Drive has better stability, which ensures that its engineering efficiency is not discounted. So how do you guarantee the stability of a Single Axis Slewing Drive?

Single spindle rotary driving stability key point:

1, operating machinery to professional: want to single shaft rotary drive to a good job, so it is necessary to professional mechanical, some mechanical parts or bad workmanship, is can lead to a single shaft rotary drive doesn't work, also cannot ensure its stability. Especially if the parts that stabilize Single Axis Slewing Drive are not professional enough, they are not good enough, so how to make a Single Axis Slewing Drive stable?

2. Stable installation. Since they are the main components of all kinds of machines, there must be an installation. Therefore, when install the single shaft rotary drive, whether the installation is a mechanical, to ensure stability and ensure that they don't have any error, bias, or abnormal situation.

3: professional operation, to ensure the good running of single axis rotation drive, professional operation is very necessary, no professional operation, the machine run time is easy to appear abnormal or fault, this single shaft rotation drive would also be affected, even appear unstable operation, so the professional basic operation to ensure the engineering quality.

The above content is guaranteed plate of single axis rotation drive running stability, summary is mechanical work is good, under the condition of installation and operation personnel professional fine, can achieve the single shaft rotary driving motion stability.

Single Axis Slewing Drive is mainly used for connectors, and there are many domestic rotary support manufacturers, mainly for large machinery, such as tower machines, excavators, concrete machines, etc. So in order to ensure its quality, timely quality testing is very important. Generally, the inspection should be conducted before entering the warehouse. The specific tests are as follows:

According to the method of detecting single shaft rotation drive quality is different, can be divided into radial clearance and axial clearance, the radial clearance is single shaft rotation drive within the group, the outer ring and rolling body equipping basis, is carried out in accordance with the standard regulations of the state quality inspection of important projects. From the point of view of the single-spindle rotary driving application, it is the important measure of the test, which determines the performance of the Single Axis Slewing Drive, which determines the radial clearance.

Single shaft rotation drive surface under high frequency quenching hardness cannot under 55 HRC, hardening layer depth can not be less than 4 mm, soft belt width is not less than 50 mm, according to customer demand in the whole process. The quenching time and temperature of the Single Axis Slewing Drive are required to quench the time and temperature. In general, it is necessary to quench the temperature of 200 degrees so that the stress will disappear completely.

In addition, the most important thing is the grinding process. It is necessary to select the appropriate grinding wheel to complete the grinding, and the linear speed is strictly controlled so as to avoid the appearance of the burn. And then to carry on the fine grinding, need to choose the granularity of 46 ° and 60 ° resin emery wheel grinding, grinding amount cannot exceed the coarse grinding, finish to conform to the requirements of the specified level. For the Single Axis Slewing Drive containing gear, the milling process needs to be rolled out after grinding, the whole process is strict and the precision is more than eight.

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