How Should The Dual Axis Slewing Drive Be Improved?

- Aug 07, 2017 -

How should the Dual Axis Slewing Drive be improved?
In order to industrial parts of an important part, but the industry is currently facing the biggest problem is not improved, only continue to research and development, improve product design and structure, in order to be able to bring the whole industry a better development and driving force. For example, in the production process of parts, the accuracy of the problem is still very worthy of everyone to pay attention to the current part of the accuracy is about minus 0.5mm, but we should also pursue more accurate, more in place, for example, zero Two millimeters, only have enough of the target, the product will be able to get new development.
For example, in the Dual Axis Slewing Drive material to build the above, but also a big problem, the current use of more than a decade ago, the alloy steel alloy, did not improve, it is also need to pay attention to it, should be designed for it more Appropriate, more easy to use new materials. The last is the use of parts in the structure, and now such support is generally composed of four components, we seem to have no more care about the support is not with three parts or even a part can be completed, in this regard But also need to put enough manpower and resources.
Speaking of dual-axis rotation drive, we are no stranger. Because the Dual Axis Slewing Drive in the construction machinery has a good support force, can safely and effectively ensure the normal operation of mechanical energy. However, the face of dual-axis rotation drive abnormal sound of the problem, we do not know what is the cause, how to solve. Xiaobian below for a comprehensive introduction to you.
Double-axis rotation driven abnormal reasons:
1, the installation surface is not flat, the installation surface flatness can not meet the requirements, will cause the formation of a negative gap between the raceway. In the installation, the installation of too tight will lead to double-axis rotation drive abnormal sound.
2, Dual Axis Slewing Drive roller inside the impurities, such as sand, iron, etc., which will cause biaxial rotation drive abnormal sound, and the emergence of such a problem, under normal circumstances the machine is very difficult to run.
3, Dual Axis Slewing Drive lack of lubricants, check the raceway is the lack of lubricating oil, if it is possible to add lubricating oil to reduce parts and parts of the friction.
Dual Axis Slewing Drive abnormal response solution:
1, if the lack of lubricants, can be Dual Axis Slewing Drive roller to smear or add, while the new Dual Axis Slewing Drive to work every 100 hours, to apply a lubricant to ensure that the machine will not be in operation without lubrication.
2, if there is impurities inside, it is necessary to clean it. Note that in the clean-up can not use hard objects to clean up, will increase the Dual Axis Slewing Drive surface defects, can be used to clean the soft objects in order to effectively ensure product surface integrity, improve service life.
3, if it is uneven installation problems, can be re-installed on the Dual Axis Slewing Drive. In the installation process to ensure that the installation surface formation, and can not be too tight or too loose.
The correct choice of the Dual Axis Slewing Drive depends on the load, stiffness, speed, size and rotation flexibility requirements. Users and Dual Axis Slewing Drive manufacturers to design objectives and Dual Axis Slewing Drive applicability to explore, help in the lowest cost and ensure trouble-free work under the premise of the system to achieve optimal performance.
Even if there is no past experience can learn from, better design options or a set of four-point contact ball Dual Axis Slewing Drive. The crossed contact angle forms a larger effective pitch circle diameter to counteract the overturning moment. In addition, the use of large-size single-set Dual Axis Slewing Drive, you can make the ball and the channel contact line through the biaxial rotation drive the center of the hole. This simplifies the overall design, improves the shape and protects the part. Although four-point contact ball bimodal drive has been used for many years on construction machinery such as cranes, reverse shovels, excavators and the like, these bearings are also widely used in special machinery. These devices include robots, lifting turntables, locomotives and radar bases.

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