Factors Affecting The Parallel And Ellipticity Of Slewing Bearing

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Factors affecting the parallel and ellipticity of Slewing Bearing
Slewing Bearing two important indicators is the parallel difference and oval, these two indicators directly affect the use of Slewing Bearing accuracy. Today, home to take you to understand the impact of these two indicators:
1, Slewing Bearing elliptical factors: including the workpiece radial clamping force when the uneven. Rough blanks, heat a large, should be loose after the claws and then clenched, if necessary, change the process sub-rough two-step car. As well as uneven material and heat treatment is not good;
2, Slewing Bearing parallel to the difference factors: the top of the claws or not clean pad with iron. Machine tool beams and table parallelism is poor, accurate detection of machine tools to be in place. When the workpiece is tilted, the copper rod is pressed down before processing. Tool wear or poor hardness of the arbor, should be promptly replaced.
The above two points is the impact of Slewing Bearing indicators of the two basic factors. Hope to give you help.
In our country is now everything is in the pursuit of good quality construction standards, the Slewing Bearing parts are the most widely we all admire and love, that is for the Slewing Bearing in our daily use of its quality to how to better Build the success of this critical issue is the Slewing Bearing in the construction to make the most important.
As a result of long-term field work, poor environment, poor maintenance conditions, all require the stability of the fan running. In the case of normal continuous work, wind power equipment parts are required to ensure that there are more than 20 years of trouble-free operating life, if a part in the short term failure, each replacement maintenance costs will be more than 10 million yuan.
As a highly specialized and technically powerful processing technology, induction hardening equipment is widely used in the production of slewing bearings, parts and gear parts. In recent years, in the national policy guidance, as well as the support of fiscal policy, China's wind power equipment manufacturing industry has been rapid expansion of scale, gradually catch up with the scale of the Western developed countries. But the current bottleneck is how to solve the high-end key parts production and supply problems. In the past, the major foreign equipment manufacturers as a result of the product in short supply, do not want the most advanced technology models sold to China. So some domestic manufacturers can only introduce some of the two types of foreign models of products to meet market demand. At the same time, the domestic induction equipment manufacturing enterprises of high-speed development, but also to supplement the market demand part of the blank.
It is because of the wide range of Slewing Bearing in today's life is widely used, so there are many Slewing Bearing production field in a reasonable increase in its correct quality of construction is to be a high attention, so as to effectively ensure that Slewing Bearing in the present Today's life is widely used.
Slewing Bearing in the importance of mechanical equipment is self-evident, I believe a lot of friends know all know that Slewing Bearing is a component to support the entire device frequency operation.
1, first of all to strictly guarantee the quality of Slewing Bearing. The best with the original product with the original brand of the original parts, so the effect will be better operation.
2, in the installation, the need for other staff to help in the next, Slewing Bearing throughout the replacement process are strictly in accordance with the corresponding norms to carry out. To other staff members in the side to help and supervision, to ensure the safety of staff.
3, in the Slewing Bearing replacement, should be carried out by professional people, do not operate their own random, will increase the damage rate of Slewing Bearing. Especially before installation, be sure to remember to turn off the power of the machine to ensure that the operator's personal safety.

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